My entry to the "Harvest"-themed Bitsy jam.

First game I've ever made. An absurdist meditation that's really just me channeling my nascent seasonal affective disorder.

Please enjoy, such as it is.

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(9 total ratings)
AuthorOleg (he/they)
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, bitsy-jam, jam, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds


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It's so petical! 

*narrator voice: 82 days later*

Completely missed that comment back when you posted it. Sorry! :D And thank you so much!

Ah this was really great, especially for a first game! I felt it almost hopeful at the end, is that weird? The cycle has sadness, but also happiness too.

>I felt it almost hopeful at the end, is that weird?

I don't think it is. I got kind of bummed out while making this, so I thought I'd try to end on as high a note as I could without compromising the theme I chose to go with. :) Glad to know it comes through.

Thank you!

Whoaaa this is so beautiful!!  I love it when we can float along the river <3333 The whole concept is so freshh, seriously awesome! 

//also, sending some acorns for the poor squirrel <3

Aw, thank you so much!

And yes, the poor guy definitely deserved some acorns, shame I didn't have time to include them. :D

imho I think it was perfect the way it is~

and plus, there's always another jam!

True! I was just browsing for some new ones.


A rather sombre reflection on the cyclic nature of the changing of the seasons. It is very well conveyed through the story and art I thought. And Congratulations on your first game, it's quite an accomplishment for your first one! Good luck on future ones!


This is such a nice comment! Thank you.  :)

It originally thought, "Hey, what if you could play as a falling autumn leaf," -- and the whole thing pretty much flowed from there. Depicting the change of seasons was challenging, though, I wish I'd had a bit more time to tweak things. But then I would have missed the game jam deadline, 'cause I'd be traveling.

Thanks again!

Whoa. That got a little trippy there at the end. Pretty cool! What are we, anyway? A bird or a leaf? XD


A leaf. I must say I feel a little despondent that I couldn't convey the resemblance. Probably should have stuck with a static sprite instead of trying to be all fancy with animation. :D

(1 edit)

Ah, sorry! The sprite looked like a bird that was dancing. I thought they were happy about the fall, though everyone was sad, but now I guess that's wrong, haha. I guess what threw me off was that one end of the leaf seemed to be moving more than the other, like a bird's head.  :p

Edit: This is your first game? Very well done!

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, it took me like 6 variations to come up with a sprite that would resemble a leaf in the wind, but even then it wasn't 100 percent legible. Oh well.  :)

>Edit: This is your first game? Very well done!

Yes, it is! Having a deadline of a game jam + a simple engine like Bitsy was very helpful for dipping my toes into game dev and getting it done. :) Thank you!

You're welcome :D


Very cool! I love the minimalism and the choice of colors. 

Congrats on your first game! 

Thank you, Rocky! :)